Woollen & Worsted Cloth Manufacturers

Company Profile

Founded in 1772 by Thomas Fox, the company has thrived in the beautiful rural surroundings of Somerset in the West of England for more than 200 years. This wonderful environment contrasts with Fox's competitors based in the industrial North, this being clearly reflected in the quality of the Fox product.

The Fox client base includes most of the worlds more exclusive designers, for whom the company specialises in producing exclusive designs. In house design, fabric trialing and final production means that we are able to constantly monitor and liase with the client over the creation and development of these fabrics.

The Fox management team aim to make customer service and support an integral feature of the total product package. From initial customer contact, through the design and sample production, to the final cloth run and delivery, Fox Brothers will maintain close client contact to ensure that you will get just what you want when you want it.


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